Anxiety Causes & Treatment

There is no such source on this planet that can completely cure the disease that any person develops. However, with modern research and medical sciences, it is proven that you can easily live your life with any severe health issue. The matter is, it can be treated when the person takes the issue to a health expert in the first place. Furthermore, we want everyone to look for symptoms (physical or mental) and take them with the doctor.

When a person suffers from anxiety, it is not the condition that makes them feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the symptoms of anxiety make them feel rigid, and everything seems out of control. Needless to say, anxiety is a mental disorder that leads a person to nervousness, fear, and too much worry. Sometimes, people tend to suffer from physical symptoms as an outcome of mental health issues.

How does anxiety occur?

Every person who faces the problem of anxiety may not be going through the same situation as the other. Similarly, if a person is suffering from mild symptoms, their remedy may differ from those with serious issues. That’s why a person should always let the doctor check their signs first.

On average, there are more than 40 million people in the United States who suffer from anxiety. In simple terms, it is the most common mental illness that occurs in people. As per the reports of health experts, about 35% of people get treatment for health issues. The reason can be a lack of knowledge or awareness among the people. It is mostly the case with almost every person who does not have a psychological problem as a severe health issue. Furthermore, they disregard the fact and subside the situation that may later become severe.

Symptoms of Anxiety –

Though there are various types of anxiety to occur, still their symptoms can be the same. They may often include the following –

  • Feeling restless
  • Unable to control the feeling
  • Excessive anger
  • Getting annoyed
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Not able to fall asleep

Though these signs can be typical in regular life, they may not be the same at all times. People with anxiety will tend to suffer from extreme levels of these symptoms. It will make them worry on a regular basis and also disrupts their regular life. A person who experiences the symptoms of anxiety will surely suffer from other problems. However, it may not occur in patients who face mild issues.

Causes of Anxiety –

While talking about the issue of anxiety, a doctor may report various causes of the issue. Some of them can be complicated, while others may lead to another health issue. Therefore, it is better to know the problem by taking it to your health expert.

Some of the commonly known causes of anxiety –

  • Factors relating to the stressful environment (surrounding) – difficulty at work, family issues, and the problem with the partner (relationship).
  • Some people may inherit anxiety from their parents. Therefore, it becomes a reason for them to develop the signs of the issue.
    When a person withdraws from the use of strong medicine, the aftereffects of the drug will make them suffer from tension, fear and nervousness.
  • Some people might be using medications that have the possibility to cause anxiety. Moreover, some readily available medicines can cause anxiety as a side effect of drugs.
  • Most patients who suffer from anxiety tend to have imbalanced chemicals inside their brains. Therefore, it sends signals for the same and makes them feel uncomfortable.

Treatment methods –

It is likeable to go for effective treatments when it is made sure that the person tends to suffer from anxious thoughts and other symptoms. Most doctors provide the treatment in combination form. Basically, they can assign the patient to – behavioural therapy along with medication.

Other than anxiety issues, some patients may tend to suffer from depression and alcohol addiction as well. To treat such conditions, you need to bring up the matter with your health expert.

The following methods can help in treating anxiety and its symptoms –

  • Self-realization and accommodation – People who tend to suffer from mild anxiety symptoms can take care of the situation by themselves. It works well when they can catch the issue in less time. Furthermore, doing exercise, meditation or yoga will do their part on their behalf.
  • Behavioural therapy and counselling – A person needs to make changes in their behaviour which can be pretty well for their work. The patient can also take the help of a counsellor to manage the symptoms with some wise words.
    Medication – It can be of most use for people who suffer from extreme conditions of anxiety. When it is unable for people to manage nervousness and tension, they need to take help from their expert.

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