As you start something new, it is necessary that you display before the customers/viewers the rules and norms that you abide by and let them choose for themselves. The people who are using our website should know there is a set of guidelines that gives us the direction of working more effectively. Here we will present before you the manner in which we keep your data secure on our website. If you do not wish user data to be used in any such way, you can immediately withdraw from using the site.

Personal Information and data storage –

When you visit our website, there are a few things that get auto-saved into our server. The cookies of your browser are saved so that we can understand your choice and preferences. It will help us provide you with the betterment requirement of the user’s need. All in all, it gives us a clear idea about your everyday searches and relative terms.

Furthermore, we will ask you to fill in your personal information like – user’s name, email address, IP address, phone number, and other necessary detail. It will help us reach out to you in time of need. Whenever there is any website updating or any change that may affect your privacy, we keep it in our policy to inform the user/viewer.

Alongside, we do not collect any personal information without the consent of the user. Even when we ask for your name and other details, there is a form that asks for your permission at the end. We do not promote any services or goods that may tend to appear on the site. It may be a third-party act, and if you involve in it, we do not take any responsibility for the theft.

Data collection by the Third party

There are some potential frauds in the online business that are ready to take whatever they get from you. Therefore, you need to be aware of such fraudulent acts and not let them know your personal information even when you visit the site that permits them to store whatever data they can get from your browser and server.

The third-party involvement on our site does not have anything to do with our services. However, you must not visit their page, considering it to be our promotional scheme. We take no part in any scheme or programs that are run on these third party sites. Hence, we would not be liable for any loss or theft of your belongings.

The data that we store/collect does not involve any wrongdoing of the person/user. However, we may have to disclose the data to the cybercrime cell if there is any criminal act. It will be a lawful act in which we would have to showcase what the authorities’ want from our end.

The data that we store will be for the following reasons –
  • Delivery of the emails to the users’/viewers in relevance to the services that we render.
  • Inform them about any change/update on the website.
  • Help solve their queries and anything in relation to the content available on the website.

In addition, if you disagree with the terms that are involved in the privacy policy of the website, then you can leave the age at once. Note that if you continue using the pages, then it means that you have agreed to the terms and norms of our company.