The Dangers of Mixing Xanax & Alcohol

The medicinal property of Xanax is highly effective for patients who usually suffer from anxiety and panic issues. Taking the dose accordingly will be of maximum benefit without developing any side effects. However, the medication also comes along with problems that are not favourable for a person’s health.

In the United States, most people are using Xanax for purposes that are not given for the on-label usage of the medicine. Thus, it means if you are using a medicine for recreational purposes, this will supposedly cause impactful symptoms to your health. In 2018, more than 20% of the emergency visits reported were due to the use of Benzodiazepine medications. Xanax was the most highly misused medication for its sedative and euphoric effect on the mind.

Combination of Xanax and Alcohol –

While using the Xanax pills, most doctors advise taking them along with food or water. They even suggest having the dose with some soft beverage. Those who read the guidelines know that you are not supposed to take the medicine with any alcoholic beverage at all. However, as many people purchase Xanax to get “high” or develop a euphoric feeling, they mainly mix the medicine with alcohol which is highly restricted for usage.

When you combine Xanax with alcohol, many symptoms and side effects may emerge as an outbreak. That’s why most doctors give a restricted guideline for not using Xanax with alcohol. Even if you are a regular drinker, you must not accompany your dose of Xanax with any alcoholic beverage at all. There can be vast dangers of combining Xanax with alcohol, as per the reports provided by the experts.

How does mixing Xanax and alcohol can be so harmful to your health?

The tablets of Xanax are said to be termed as anti-anxiety medication that helps in different ways. The medication is also available in its generic form by the name Alprazolam. The working of Xanax and other Benzodiazepine classes of medicine is to lower down the activity of the brain. Furthermore, it will support in getting relief from the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder.

Alcohol in itself has a sedative effect that makes you feel “high” or intoxicated. Adding up alcohol with Xanax medication will increase the sedative effect overall and make you feel dizzier than earlier. Moreover, it will slow down the activity of the CNS and may result in severe health issues as well. That’s why most manufacturers of Xanax have warned users not to take it along with alcohol.

  • Xanax is a medicine that has the tendency to intensify the symptoms that may occur after the use of alcohol.
  • The role of Xanax and alcohol together will be to reduce the activity of the brain.
  • Combining Xanax and alcohol together will result in the over-sedative effect of the drug.

In simple words, when taken alongside Xanax medication, alcohol will enhance the effect of Xanax. Moreover, it will make the impact of the medicine lasts longer than the desired time. Many people are of the opinion that taking a medication like Xanax will not incur any problem as they have used it before. Also, taking alcohol along with Xanax will make the effect of the medication more potent. Therefore, it will stay in your system for a longer time than usual.

What are the side effects of mixing Xanax and alcohol?

When you take mixing of Xanax and alcohol, the alternative effect of the medication can cause harmful problems to your health. It means taking a drug like Xanax, which is potent enough to provide fast relief, and adding alcohol on top of it will cause issues to your health. Taking Xanax in a separate amount will be good for your health; however, using it for other purposes will be highly harmful to your health.

Here is a list of side effects that may occur due to the combination of Xanax and alcohol –

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Drowsiness
  • Slow breathing
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Fainting
  • Seizures
  • Impaired coordination
  • Memory loss
  • Slow pulse

These are some of the most harmful effects that may occur when a person takes Xanax without any responsibility. Also, note that there may occur other issues of the medication that may cause problems to your health and other organs. It is widely known that taking medication along with an alcoholic substance will certainly make you feel dizzy. Therefore, we would advise you to take the medicine as per the terms and conditions that come along with the dosage.